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Blank USA map in this page is all free of charge.
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Blank USA map

There are the Blank USA map You can get the maps free of charge.
Of course, You can use the maps for Commercial use, Educational use, Political use, and Other us. Please use as you like.

There is 4 type format's Blank USA map in this page.
GIF format is good to use map.
EPS format is good to edit map, if you have the Adobe Illustrator etc..
Font outlined Eps format is good to edit map, if you can't use the upper EPS format file.
Please select and use each file.

The all Blank USA map has been compressed in ZIP file format.

State Name GIF format EPS format Font outlined
EPS format
Alabama 208KB 189KB 418KB 348KB
Alaska 203KB 229KB 408KB 326KB
Arizona 102KB 142KB 185KB 176KB
Arkansas 441KB 184KB 442KB 376KB
California 175KB 212KB 424KB 338KB
Colorado 156KB 156KB 379KB 337KB
Connecticut 127KB 134KB 159KB 158KB
Delaware 73KB 123KB 125KB 121KB
Florida 200KB 205KB 439KB 336KB
Georgia 628KB 210KB 749KB 601KB
Hawaii 67KB 123KB 133KB 112KB
Iowa 188KB 158KB 497KB 210KB
Idaho 159KB 167KB 310KB 272KB
Illinois 191KB 161KB 522KB 440KB
Indiana 197KB 156KB 473KB 413KB
Kansas 181KB 150KB 505KB 431KB
Kentucky 177KB 199KB 596KB 471KB
State Name GIF format EPS format Font outlined
EPS format
Louisiana 220KB 203KB 491KB 400KB
Massachusetts 132KB 144KB 191KB 182KB
Maryland 192KB 177KB 270KB 232KB
Maine 166KB 165KB 224KB 200KB
Michigan 208KB 168KB 473KB 402KB
Minnesota 204KB 162KB 468KB 404KB
Missouri 181KB 164KB 556KB 463KB
Mississippi 196KB 163KB 456KB 378KB
Montana 171KB 181KB 396KB 332KB
North Carolina 182KB 225KB 586KB 451KB
North Dakota 164KB 153KB 325KB 300KB
Nebraska 272KB 150KB 455KB 395KB
New Jersey 144KB 155KB 223KB 205KB
New Mexico 117KB 139KB 242KB 235KB
New Hampshire 117KB 137KB 169KB 166KB
Nevada 105KB 134KB 184KB 180KB
New York 168KB 184KB 413KB 343KB
State Name GIF format EPS format Font outlined
EPS format
Ohio 236KB 154KB 468KB 413KB
Oklahoma 283KB 159KB 432KB 373KB
Oregon 152KB 163KB 276KB
Pennsylvania 174KB 173KB 428KB
Rhode Island 135KB 130KB 140KB
South Carolina 347KB 183KB 363KB
South Dakota 178KB 168KB 387KB
Tennessee 219KB 190KB 522KB
Texas 312KB 233KB 1126KB
Utah 129KB 155KB 240KB
Vermont 105KB 132KB 181KB
Virginia 190KB 233KB 749KB
Washington 141KB 176KB 295KB
Wisconsin 165KB 88KB 342KB
West Virginia 151KB 100KB 287KB
Wyoming 109KB 62KB 148KB

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